DWI / Traffic Tickets

If you’re charged with a DWI, DWAI, or DWAI Drugs, you need answers to questions you may not understand. From the moment you’re pulled over, every decision you make will count. Get sound advice immediately: call the lawyers at Favro Law.


Our DWI defense lawyers maintain intimate familiarity with the ever-changing and constantly evolving DWI laws in the state of New York. You need someone who understands and can guide you through the process. The phone call to a firm should happen early on. You should know: do I give a statement? do I talk to the police? do I take a breathalyzer? Will my license be suspended? If so, for how long? Can I get a hardship or conditional license?


Based on the evidence gathered at the time of your arrest, we can guide you through every stage with full disclosure of your options: the results of your tests, statements given, and how this evidence will affect where the case is going to go.

Favro Law can guide you and direct you, tell you the consequences, and walk you through your case. Should you plead? What are the consequences? Will there be hearings, or a trial? What are the risks of that? What could be the consequences if you lose? How is a plea bargain different?

Need answers to any of these questions? Call Favro Law now and we’ll walk you through every detail.


Multiple traffic tickets, including use of a mobile phone, can result in points on your license.  Too many points, and your license can be suspended.  If you have current, or even old tickets, Favro Law can help you get a reduction, or possibly, dismissal of the charges and points.  Contact us now to find out how this process works.